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The Challenge

Body Fuel Thrive (BFT) is a fitness studio helping working moms and other busy professionals hit their weight loss goals without sacrificing their favorite foods.

The Solution

To pump up their marketing and boost their image, they asked us for a new, flexible visual identity system and e-commerce website with a seamless checkout and new client onboarding system.

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“I was very overwhelmed with what direction I wanted my website to go in, but they put me at ease. Each meeting went seamlessly. A year later, I am still over the moon about my site. Everyone at Lingo is a pleasure to work with. Thanks, guys!”

Jacqueline Rodriguez

Owner at Body · Fuel · Thrive

What We Did

  1. Streamlined booking and onboarding process.
  2. Elevated brand image with a new logo.
  3. Improved user accessibility on the website.
  4. Strengthened business efficiency.
  5. Modernized print and online branding.
  6. Enhanced market presence and outreach.

The Result

We developed a new logo that embodies the synergy between fitness and nutrition. By incorporating the new mark into print-ready materials and captivating IG story templates, we ensured a consistent and compelling brand presentation across various touchpoints. As a result, the brand not only looks more professional but also resonates better with potential clients, amplifying the impact of marketing efforts.

We introduced a step-by-step guide that simplifies the selection of services and appointment times, eliminating any confusion or friction. Users now find it easy to navigate through the options, pick what suits them best, and complete their bookings without any hassle. This seamless process has led to a significant increase in user satisfaction as clients can now book their sessions effortlessly.

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