New York Insulation

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The Challenge

Since setting up shop back in '89, New York Insulation has removed over 100 tons of asbestos and lead hazards from the city.

The Solution

Wanting to give themselves a fresh start, they asked us for a new visual identity and website to let up-and-coming contractors know who still reigned supreme in the remediation game.

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“From the initial consultation to the final delivery, the team at Lingo demonstrated professionalism, expertise, and creativity in every aspect of our project. They took the time to understand our brand and our vision, and then brought it to life in a way that exceeded our expectations.”

Maria Seimer

CFO at New York Insulation

What We Did

  1. Strategic rebranding and renaming for expanded services.
  2. Modernized website with enhanced lead generation.
  3. Strengthened growth prospects.
  4. Improved client engagement.
  5. Strategically redesigned trucks for brand visibility.
  6. Conducted a team photoshoot for relatable brand representation.

The Result

The results achieved for New York Insulation go beyond aesthetics and functionality. The strategic rebranding has instilled confidence in the company's identity, resonating with existing and potential clients alike. The modernized website acts as a dynamic hub, seamlessly connecting clients with the company's expanded services and expertise. A team photoshoot further humanized the brand, giving it a relatable face and enhancing trust.

Moreover, the strategic integration of the new branding onto the company's trucks serves as a moving advertisement, effectively driving leads by prominently featuring the website. This comprehensive transformation has not only propelled business inquiries but also solidified New York Insulation's reputation as a reliable and forward-looking construction partner, resulting in an empowered brand that's well-equipped to embrace growth and deliver exceptional client experiences.

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