Newline Contractors

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Visit Live Website

The Challenge

Newline Contractors ain't like most New York GCs. They don't just build beautiful homes. They design them too. Using CAD software to bring every detail to life.

The Solution

Eager to expand their reach from Manhattan to Montauk, where many of their clients had second homes, they wanted a striking new logo to boost their image, plus a new portfolio website to show off their work and get leads on and off the road.

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“Collaborating with Lingo has been a game-changer for us. Our beautiful new website showcases our craftsmanship and design skills, creating a seamless experience for potential clients. And the new logo perfectly encapsulates our business.”

Vincent Pezzulo

President at Newline Contractors

What We Did

  1. Seamlessly optimized e-commerce website.
  2. Refreshed branding and marketing materials.
  3. Clear service presentation for accessibility.
  4. Strengthened business efficiency.
  5. Modernized logo and visual identity.
  6. Established a robust online presence.

The Result

We meticulously designed and developed a new website for Newline Contractors, reflecting both their construction expertise and their design creativity. The website not only serves as a visual portfolio of their remarkable projects but also offers an intuitive user experience, allowing potential clients to explore their services and past work seamlessly. This has significantly contributed to attracting and engaging new leads interested in their services.

Our creation of a striking new logo has bolstered Newline Contractors' brand image. The logo encapsulates their dual focus on construction and design, capturing the essence of their business in a visually appealing manner. This consistent and memorable branding element has contributed to increased brand recognition and credibility, reinforcing their position as a distinctive player in the industry.

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